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If you would call yourself a curious, committed practitioner, then this course is a chance for you to dive into aspects of yoga for which there is often no time in your regular classes. Sometimes called a Foundation Course, it's not a teacher training, although in our experience many graduates do go on to train as teachers with this course under their belt.


Join with members of the Barefoot Body Training Faculty and tap into fundamental movement principles to deepen your understanding of your body in Asana and Pranayama, unpick the historical threads that have become woven into modern yoga, and study extracts from philosophical texts. In addition we'll look at self-practice and meditation and the obstacles that arise for all of us; take a dip into the energetic map of the body called the chakra system, and discuss some of the contemporary conversations happening in the yoga world today.

This is a steady paced course running over 6 Sundays from 10.30-5.30 from January to June 2020 in CAMBRIDGE.


You will also find yourself in a group of no more than 10 people. We believe in smaller training groups so that there is plenty of interaction and enrichment for all.  And, it's a no-Homework course, although you might find yourself inspired to do a little extra reading or research.

Visit Barefoot Body Training site for more information.

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