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PSOAS IMMERSION - seeking the balance of flow and stability ​

Date: TBC

This is a full day of enquiry and practice to find a clear experiential integration of the potential flow and stability of the psoas (and iliacus), including a series of practices based on the work of Donna Farhi, Leila Stuart, Liz Koch, and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.


(You will need to bring a full yoga kit, including 2 blankets and 1 bolster.)

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NAVEL RADIATION - organising the limbs and spine around a central point. Think Starfish!

Date TBC

One of our earliest organisational patterns centres on the navel. We experience the navel as a source of nourishment and a pathway of elimination and it is around the navel that our head and tail, our arms and legs explore the in utero environment. All relationships between the limbs are experienced through the mediation of this centre. In this workshop we will rediscover these connections through movement enquiry and practice of yoga Forms.

YIELD & PUSH - the earliest constructive relationship we form with the Earth.

Date TBC

In this workshop we will unpick the concept of "grounding" to discover it as a dynamic conversation between our body and Earth. We will seek out the this dialogue and how it can inform our posture, movement and Yoga practice.

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