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Updated: Jan 2, 2020

The energy of Capricorn season gets us to the top of the mountain in order to bring an aspiration or intention down from the clouds.

It's somehow fitting that the Capricorn season follows the Sagittarian, there is something about the discipline and order associated with Saturnine restraint that when well-deployed can bring any dream or philosophy into reality.

“If we use the Capricorn season energy wisely, we'll name goals that have meaning and conviction.”

It's a great time for getting out marker pens and big pieces of paper to map out timelines, tasks and interim goals; a time to experiment with bullet-journaling, mentoring or finding an accountability-buddy. It's a time to get fuel in the tank and commit to the journey ahead. Capricorn season provides the tenacity and resourcefulness we need to make things happen.

Try the #journaling prompts below

January Journaling Prompts: MAKING THINGS HAPPEN

1. If being practical feels like a millstone, how can you make getting serious about making your dreams happen light-hearted and fun? (Goats don't spend all their days climbing mountains!)

2. What is your relationship to success? to status? to acclaim? How would it be to achieve your goals? What does this feel like as a set of embodied sensations? Would you like more or less of this feeling?

3.If you love dreaming but hate planning, how can you make discipline and practical thinking your friends? What do they feel like as an embodied set of sensations? 

4. What are you like at supporting others in their dreams and aspirations? Are you a cheer-leader or a wet-blanket? What might you do this year to encourage and support others? Could collaborating in the success of others support your own dreams? (Goats are not solitary creatures!)

Image by Suzanne Jutzeler via Pixabay

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