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  • Enhance your understanding of the body's stress and relaxation responses

  • Get to grips with polyvagal theory, the enteric nervous system, and interoceptive capability

  • Familiarise yourself with matters of trauma-sensitivity both theoretical and practical

  • Explore and apply the principles of embodied anatomy throughout

  • Explore a full range of postures - including what we like to call Prop-Lite practice, ie when your studio doesn't have all the kit you'd like (or your car is just too small to be a mobile studio!)

  • Learn how to structure and deliver effective classes

  • Take a dip into Yoga Nidra practice and it's relationship to Restorative Yoga practice

  • Connect with the roots of supported/propped practice in distant yoga history

  • Work in a small learning group - our trainings are restricted to a maximum of 20

  • Be confident that your training is registered with Yoga Alliance (Intl) as a 60 hour CPD (includes approximately 12 hours of pre-course study and 12 hours of homework between the weekends.)


My approach to Restorative Yoga is based on many years practice, teaching and training others in Restorative Yoga. I am inspired by the work of Judith Hanson Lasater, Donna Farhi, Roger Cole and Richard Miller, and my work with Linda Hartley and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. I draw strongly on the principles of embodied anatomy, somatic psychology and trauma-sensitivity throughout. My co-teacher Tiffany Thorne brings unique insights from yoga philosphy texts and her growing body of work in Embodied Sanskrit.

This course is provided by Barefoot Body Training and it's my desire that you come away from the training informed, equipped and inspired, and ready to maximise the potential of your time and financial investment.  We'd also like you to be as passionate about the practice as we are! 

For information about the JUNE/JULY dates in London, CLICK HERE.

And CLICK HERE to listen to what RECENT GRADUATES say​​

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