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A Trauma Informed Yoga classes aims to provide a safe environment with a no-touch, invitational approach to yoga practice. Each class offers a supportive environment for you to continue the process of befriending your body through exploring yoga forms and sequences, as well as an opportunity for you to be part of a small group class. I never forget that you are always in charge of your body and that it’s you who will make the choices about what is right for you at any time in the class.

It's important to note that the class is not a therapy session and you will never be asked to share your history or process, but I am trained to be sensitive to trauma and will always make space for you to re-centre or to opt out of any practice.  

If you have made some progress in your recovery this could certainly support you further on your journey. However, if you feel you are in the earlier stages of reclaiming your body, I recognise that even a TIY class may not be the right setting just now. It might be best to
 discuss with your therapist or health professional before coming along or to try a 30-60 min private class with me first. 


To find out more you can email me in full confidentiality.

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