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Creative Journaling for Soulful

I've created a dedicated space to dive into the  joys of creative journaling and I've called it Page & Bloom.

Inside the Page & Bloom space you'll find a collection of online projects for you, whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your skills.

And, if you'd like to gather with other soulful journalers, you'll love Thoughful Pages, my monthly letter to you with inspiration for your journaling, as well as invitations to small events and in-person journaling days and retreats, so pop yourself on the maililng list and let's get started!

"Journaling, I believe, is a practice that teaches us better than any other the elusive art of solitude— how to be present with our own selves, bear witness to our experience, and fully inhabit our inner lives."

Maria Popova

What is creative journaling ?

Unlike conventional journaling or diary-keeping, it goes beyond simply writing down your thoughts and experiences and lets you incorporate various creative mediums like doodling, mind-mapping, collage and photography.

It's a place for using creative writing techniques too, like non-stop pen to paper (stream of consciousness writing), list making, inner dialoguing and using sentence stems.

And it can be project-based: maybe a holiday journal, a memoir, or charting your progress towards a specific life-change or goal.


It doesn't have to run from January to December, and it doesn't have to be something you do everyday!.

Do I need to be a writer or artist?

Not at all! You need no special creative skills and your grammar does not need to be tip-top. Nobody is going to look at your journal unless you want them to. You don't need to use your best hand-writing or a fountain pen; you can be as messy and uncensored as you want to be.


All you need to get started is access to paper and pens and maybe some coloured pencils, pens or crayons. (There are apps for journaling, but I've found it's not quite the same).


Later you might explore other creative techniques like collage, when some glue and scissor are handy, and some creative journalers like things like washi tapes and stickers to embellish their notebooks.


You will definitely find your signature style in your own way.

Why is it so good for you?

Well, from the science side, there is a significant body of evidence that recording our thoughts and feelings can help us identify and process our worries and stress.

It can help with solving our problems both large and small by providing a space for sorting our thoughts, options and priorities. And, in a similar way helps with plotting a course towards our dreams and goals.

Your journaling can be a great memory cache for a special event, journal or family history and a treasure that you will keep for years.

For me, it gives me a creative outlet that had been untended in large part since childhood. I take a lot of joy in simple things like colouring in the margins, using felt-tip pens, and creating scrap book pages. It sort of nourishes a bit of my inner-child :-)

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