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MAY MADNESS - a creative journaling project

Join me in seven days of left-field journaling that includes talking to animals, jumbling the senses, and collaging your dream fragments. The prompts are delivered to your mailbox so that you can either work intensively with me and other journalers or save them all for later and work at your own pace. The project runs from 28 April - 4 May. The cost is £15. BOOK HERE


  Journaling is typically a solitary spell of self-enquiry, a time with a blank page and pen to get unstuck or inspired. Creative journaling allows you to move outside these boundaries to explore things like mark-making, doodling, and collaging. The projects I facilitate also give you the chance to work in the company of other journalers online and in the landscape. (Spring dates for walking and journaling coming soon.)


When you join my journaling mailing list you will receive this free project: 20 Quiet Questions to Unlock Your Amazing Life, as well as a monthly newsletter to prompt your journaling in different directions. There are different ways you can use the question prompts and they are all described in the workbook. And, whether you are a seasoned journaler or a newbie, these questions are perennially useful. 

To join me and other journalers from all over the world, please use the sign up form here.

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