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Select Your Writing Tools

One pen is all you need, and any pen will do. However, creative journaling is a chance to experiment with different writing tools.

I've always found a set of fibre-tip pens and a couple of highlighters handy for general list-making as well as drawing attention to deadlines and priorities, so perhaps like me you always have some coloured pens around. I also rediscovered a pen from my school days which has four coloured biros contained in one pen. This would be a great alternative to buying a set of pens, and it makes a very satisfying click as when you switch from one colour to another!

#1 - Pens

You probably have some spare biros around that you could put to good use in your journaling. Keep one with your notebook so you don’t have to go looking when you sit down to journal. Personally, I also enjoy writing with a fountain pen, and I have several loaded with different coloured inks waiting to be used.

#2 - Doodling Pens

Take a look to see if there are any coloured pens around – you may have some of your own if you enjoy colouring books for 'grown ups', or maybe there are some that your children or grandchildren use that you could co-opt for your journaling. Fibre-tipped pens can be double-ended with a fine-liner tip combined with either a chisel or brush tip. These and gel pens come in all colours and sets can range from half a dozen to sixty or more – you only need to start with a few.

#3 - Pencils, Eraser and Sharpener

A regular lead pencil, as well as some coloured pencils can be handy. Again, coloured pencils come in small sets and large. And, f you think you'll be using pencils, make sure you have an eraser and sharpener around too.

"You want to be a writer, but you don’t know how or when. Find a quiet place; use a humble pen." - Paul Simon, Singer/Songwriter

#4 - Highlighter Markers

One colour is useful but if you have two or three around even better. These are useful when you are reviewing a journal entry and for techniques like "word witnessing".

#5 - Containers and Cases

Finally, find a container to keep your writing materials together and in one handy space.

You might recycle a jar or find a spare mug or glass at the back of a cupboard that is looking for a new lease of life. There is usually something in the kitchen that fits the bill.

Of course, a zipper case is a great alternative (and is enormously helpful when you are journaling on the move – more about that in another post).

By the way.....

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